Client Questionnaire

Website development can be a much smoother process if we have a clearer picture or your vision. We want to create a site that supports your current brand reflection and direction. The below information is necessary to help us achieve this if you choose to engage SMC for your design needs. Please take a few moments and complete the form below so that we can get a little more acquainted with you, your services, your brand and most importantly your website needs.

Website Design

Creating a website that fits your current branding structure and fluently reaches your target audience is our main objective. Your design scheme must organically flow with your existing (or desired) marketing materials. Supplying us with these items is also essential to the design process. As you answer the questions below, keep in mind that the design direction is in part created based on your answers, your brand and your products.

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    Design Style

    If no, please note that we will be using stock images for your site. If yes, please include thme in your package

    If yes, please provide copies of brochures, business cards, etc.

    If the use of your current marketing literature isn't the design direction for the site, please select a style aesthetic that works well for you.

    Check all that apply If yes, please provide copies of brochures, business cards, etc.

    Are there specific sectors, industry segments, company sizes, geography that needs to be focused on more than others?


    We typically include the following elements on Navigation Bars. Please check each that work for you and list the ones that are not included?

    If yes, what Newsletter Service do you use?

    If yes, please provide the original testimonial to us.


    This section can be filled out at anytime in the process following client engagement

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