Facebook Ads Discovery

    Please fill out the fields below and be as thorough as possible.
    If you have any questions, please reach out to your account manager or email Marc@shaemarcus.com

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    Go to Business.Facebook.com and look for your Facebook Business Manager’s name if you’re not sure.

    Facebook Access Form

    Access to the account must be allowed for our staff to work on it:

    1. At the upper left of the page, select Business Manager.

    2. On the right side of the toolbar, select Business Settings.

    3. Once the page has loaded, go to the left toolbar and select Partners from the drop-down menu

    4. Then, on the blue “Add” button, click.

    5. Click next after entering this number: 271351800924472

    6. Select your page from the ‘assign assets’ screen. To provide us appropriate rights, activate the Manage page toggle button

    7. Then go to “ad accounts,” choose your ad account, and make sure the “manage ad account” toggle is turned on

    8. Finally, go to “pixels,” choose your pixel, and make sure the “manage pixel” option is turned on, then click “save changes.”

    9. Verify your domain

    Please Note: These are some crucial steps. Please ensure that you have provided us proper access to all of the assets as the Campaign will be delayed without access.

    Information about the Business Form

    Information on Branding Form:

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    The use of authentic images and video contributes to the campaign’s authenticity. Our team will use media assets for the purpose of creating ads.

    Information on the Campaign Form