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Subscriptions $499/monthly $749/monthly $999/monthly $1499/monthly
Number of Campaigns/Ads Two Campaigns Eight Ads Three Campaigns Sixteen Ads Four Campaigns Twenty Ads Eight Campaigns Thirty+ Ads
Types of Campaigns Recommended One Awareness/Consideration One Conversion One Awareness/Consideration Two Conversion One Awareness/Consideration Three Conversion Three Awareness/Consideration Five Conversion
Types of Campaigns
Setting-Up Business Manager
Setting-Up Pixel
Events Testing
Campaign Strategy
Research on Demographics
Research on Competitors
Campaign Establishment
Adsets Establishment
Ads Scheduling Setup
Ads Placement Setup
Ads Copy Content Writing
Ads Image/Slideshow Graphics Designing
Quality Analysis
Customer Communication/Presentation
Launching the Campaign
Campaign/Ads Rewiew Check
Setting-up Monthly Performance Check/Reports
Weekly Performance Check
Campaign Audit
Strategy Enhancement
Poor Performing Ads Removal
Demographics Expansion & Cleanup
Ad Frequency Management
Performance-Based Bid Pricing
Performance-Based Budget Pacing
Performance-Bosed Ad Distribution
A/B Copy Split Testing
Demographica Split Testing
Mobile Strategy Management Increasing click Through Rate
Decreasing Cost Per Click
Retargeting Campaign
Uptime Monitoring
Rejected ads/Billing/Account Status Check
Additional Campaigns
Special Category Campaigns
Retargeting and Lookalike
A/B Testing
Visitors and Click Analytics
Call Tracking
Leads Tracking
Landing Page Built $79/hour $79/hour $79/hour $79/hour
Facebook Ads Chat Support
Chat support on/off website
Monthly Price
1 Year Price
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