Experts in web development, the SMC team understands the user experience (UX) design, and can develop your website to be compliant with all the latest web browsers, including mobile for smart phones and tablets. We can also help you put your business’ back-end online, enabling you to provide seamless and efficient service to your customers. From shopping carts to social media like Facebook and Twitter, we can lead you to the online marketing options that are right for your business.

Who I Am?

I am motivated by the opportunity to network relationships, connecting business with business for the greater good and growth of all. Having built several businesses in the digital space, my career path of entrepreneurship for 16 years has centered around digital processes that help clients, great customer service, trustworthy & reliable staff and focused on growth.

What I Do?

SMC provides both the intuitive design and the creative aesthetics necessary to ensure your customers feel, not only interested but excited to do business with you online. We effectively gauge and measure your online customer behavior through a variety of web analytic tools to result in the most efficient follow-through, keeping your customers satisfied and coming back while your business stays on a steady track toward growth.

Why I Do It?

I greatly value the long-term trust of my continuing business relationships, striving to offer leadership which inspires and educates on emerging trends in digital, producing measurable, targeted growth within their respective businesses.

Where I Am?

Located in South Florida, with outreach that spans the country to clients in New York, Kansas City, and California.

My History


Google Suite

When work tools make your life easier, work gets better. That's why over five million organizations around the world have gone Google, taking advantage of tools they use everyday, at work. Shae Marcus Consulting is proud to provide Google Suite as an official Google Partner. Visit our Google Suite page to fill out our form for more information.


Would you like to know how your website is performing? Web marketing analytics track your success in online marketing. Through consistent analysis, we can fine-tune your website to increase visibility, generate leads and convert sales. Through research, we can show you exactly how many website visits are resulting in sales. Our data analysis can also help you maintain relationships with those specific customers for repeat business. Through performance indicators, we can prove whether your website and SEM are working and further guarantee greater growth for you and your business.


Business runs smoother and more efficiently when you collect and process data online instead of on paper. Back-end business integration enables you to keep your customer, product, and service data organized inside your server. When everybody in the office is online, your accounting, billing and invoicing are in sync and accessible, which makes your transactions more efficient.


To convert a visit into a sale, your website must be more than attractive and functional. It must also be appealing to the usability expectations of your customers. Our designers and developers rely on 16 years of usability test results to create user-friendly web pages. We collaborate with you to integrate back-end functionality into your website, and always design to convert visits into sales quickly and efficiently.

Social Media

Everybody needs to be on Facebook and Twitter, right? Maybe not. We’ll help you determine whether relationship building through social media is right for your business. If so, we’ll teach you how to use the platforms effectively and avoid common pitfalls, for measurable results.

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