Our websites are our livelihoods. Why not pay for that extra piece of mind? Sign up today and reap the benefits below.

  • Monthly WordPress, Themes, and Plugin Updates

  • 24/7 Up-time Monitoring

  • Secure Off-Site Backups

and these extras…
  • Monthly Website Hosting

    Your site will stored and hosted on our dedicated server. This is a secure server meeting PCI DSS compliance and kept up-to-date against found exploits.

  • Domain Forwarding/Monitoring

    Never lose your domain. We will ensure that your domains will not expire without your say-so. We will also setup proper SEO friendly forwarding.

  • Detect and Fix 404 Errors

    Ever run across a broken link? Now your customers won't run into that with your site. Includes monthly scanning to be sure your outbound (and internal) links won't point nowhere.

  • Code Error Detection and Repair

    Sometimes updates can modify and conflict with legacy code. After any updates we will inspect your site for any broken pages or disabled functionality.

  • Malware Monitoring and Removal

    Accidents can happen. We will monitor your website and can remove malware so it never needs to be your concern.

  • Form Email Delivery Diagnosis & Fixes

    Let your customers' voices reach you. Your forms will be routinely checked to guarentee that your site's contact forms reach your inbox.

  • Comment & Spam removal

    If your site has a comments section or blog, we will monitor for spam. If you don't have comments? We will make sure comments and pingbacks are disabled to secure your site.

  • Analytics Report Notifications

    We use the industry leading Google Analytics tool to track your site's traffic. We monitor the report and notify you your performance.

  • Tracking Placement of Keywords

    We keep a report of keywords on your site and will help write and rewrite content for proper keyword targeting while avoiding negative keyword abuse.

  • Leads/Inquiries Access

    All forms will be saved inside your website's dashboard and be accessible by you. We will set this up and monitor for spam.

  • Two Blog Posts

    Content is king. Every month we'll supply your blog with two articles in your industry to help your SEO goals.

  • Add-on hours available

    Need an extra page? How about an extra quick quote form? These extras can be yours for a special rate. We will provide quoted hours.

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Monthly WordPress, Themes, and Plugin Updates
24/7 Up-time Monitoring
Secure Off-Site Backups
Monthly Website Hosting
Domain Forwarding/Monitoring
Leads/Inquiries Access
Malware Monitoring and Removal
Form Email Delivery Diagnosis & Fixes
Comment & Spam removal
Analytics Report Notifications
Detect and Fix 404 Errors
Tracking Placement of Keywords
Code Error Detection and Repair
Two Blog Posts
Add-on hours available
Directory Optimization

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